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I loved it. The animation and atmosphere is on point.

Thank you! Just had the dark-zombie-shooter-setting in mind and wanted to give it a little positive switch. 

Fantastic game! The gameplay is simple and fun. I love the music but wish there was a volume slider as it scared me when it started. The zombie dance is hilarious to watch!

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Thank you, that means a lot to me. Sorry, did not want to scare you - sound effects and settings are - obviously - unfinished. 

The dance is a Mixamo animation, so that credit does not go to me ;) 

Nice simple game play but dang needed a volume slider!

Oh yes. Sound effects and settings were the next point on my to do list when the Jam ended. 

Nice one, enjoyed playing.

Thank you! That's makes me pretty happy. 

It's a bit hard to play. But it was certainly fun!

Thank you. Yep, it's pretty tough but still more easy than flappy bird ;) 

Really fun, simple but challenging.

I love the dance :D

Yep, I know it's hard sometimes. But hey, no pain no gain ;)

The dance-animation is from Mixamo, so that credit does not go to me.