Don't break your screen

The meta-game about NOT breaking the 4th wall. Seems pretty easy, huh? Well, it's not.

The problem?

The "Super Screenbreaker 3000" a.k.a. "The Yellow Ball of Doom" tries to break your screen. Constantly and whenever it can. 

Your job?

Stop it, before it breaks your screen. Simply click the screenbreaker before it reaches the 4th wall. It hums louder (in joy) and turns red when it comes close to your screen. Click it to turn it around.

And the poor colored blocks?

The screenbreaker loves glass, so it also loves to break glass bricks. Sacrifice the bricks to the mighty gods of screenbreaking - maybe it softens up the screenbreaker to leave your screen alone. Maybe.


Dont break your screen - Windows 16 MB


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I included this in my showcase video for the game jam, but I downloaded it and didn't realize it was supposed to be played with the laptop overlay! That's a nice touch, too. 

Wanted to share my Lumps Play video here, too. Keep making games! :)

I'm only getting a picture of a laptop, I can't seem to get it to work for some reason

oh, that's pretty strange. There should be a Unity player loading inside the laptop screen. Which os and browser are you using? Maybe I can find out what's happening there.

Just added a Windows Edition for download. Hope you can enjoy the game  this way (Unfortunately it lacks a meta-layer, because it is not running on a virtual laptop-screen).