Short fun for short (and long) people

You like epic MMOs or hours and hours of ego-shooter madness? Well, then you are definitely on the wrong page right now. 

Glassbreaker - the shortest game we ever made. 

After we created a game for the MetaGameJam, there was this idea for the April Fool Jam. We hope you enjoy it - at least a few seconds before it is over. 

Goal of the game

Kick the green marble around the screen and use it to break the red blocks into pieces. Thats is. Pretty simple.

Keep an eye on the block-bar. If the bar is full, you were not fast enough and could not break enough blocks in time. 

If you like to tweet a screenshot of your (possible amazing) highscore-time, use the hashtag #aprilfoolsjam. 


Download 14 MB

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