A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my entry for the #lowrezjam 2018. Unfortunately I did not have the time to finish this project - so I decided to make it as runnable as possible.  There is just one race-track, the AI is more of a NIAI (not intelligent artificial intelligence), there is no sound and I was only able to finish one Track. 

The controls are simple: WASD / Arrow Keys + Space for menu-selection. No mouse-support. 

This is my first low poly game and it was fun to make - I hope you enjoy it a bit. 

The assets are all done by www.kenney.nl and available under the CC0 license. 


LowRezRace_Windows.zip 16 MB
LowRezRace_Linux.zip 20 MB
LowRezRace_MacOS.app.zip 19 MB


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(1 edit)

It gave me this error :

"Application folder: C:/Users/****/Downloads/LowRezRace_Windows 

There should be 'LowRezRace_Data' folder next to the executable"

Because  LowRezRace_Data folder was named Windows Build_Data

I am sorry, I should not upload a game without enough sleep. I just uploaded a corrected version that should run fine. I also added a linux and a MacOS version.