A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Topic

The Stars Above is a puzzle-platformer in a zodiac-theme: Change the position of the stars to change the world around you. (For this prototype only the elements of the zodiacs are used. In later versions / levels the mechanics will get more complex). 

How to play?

All game mechanics are explained in a small ingame tutorial and with interactive help of (talking) signs. Linux and MacOS Editions are untested, but should work because they are Unity 2017 builds.

The Assets

The game is made mostly of CC0 game assets (Character, Level and UI Graphics - the creators are named in the ingame-credits) with only a few personal made game specific models (Zodiac-Signs, Planets, Bomb, Sign): 

This is not totally in the spirit of the jam, but I would really like to make a full game out of this prototype - so I wanted to be free to use everything after the jam. 

And in the Future

To make a full game out of this, I need as much feedback as possible. Please don't spare me any criticism. 


The Stars Above - Windows Edition.zip 24 MB
The Stars Above - MacOS Edition.zip 27 MB
The Stars Above - Linux Edition.zip 30 MB


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Got this twice after pushing the box in the first world for a second... 


Thank you for your feedback! This bug was now found by at least three different players on three different occasions, it is a collision-error which lets you drop through the ground under some circumstances. Sorry for that, it will be fixed in an update (after the game-jam voting period).